Minutes, 17 August 1835

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General Assembly,
Convened in August 17th. A.D. 1835 by the of the , for the purpose of Examining a book of commandments and covenants, which has been compiled and written by the following committee, which was appointed by a general assembly of the Church in Sept. 24th 1834 & instructing the writers of said Book. This committee was nominated, by the Speaker of the , seconded & voted into this office, by the whole body of the church then assembled. The names of the Committe are as follows Joseph Smith Junr. , & . This Committe having finished said Book according to the instructions given them, it was deemed necessary to call the general assembly of the Church to see whether the book be approved or not by the Authoroties of the church, that it may, if approved, become a law. unto the church, and a rule of faith and practice unto the same. Therefore, this assembly was called to order & organized as follows. First the Presidents of the church in , (Viz.)
}present and took the lead of the meeting
Joseph Smith Junr.}absent
John also present
The High Council of .
No. 1
M[arvel] C. Davis Willard Woodstock
Amos R. Orton Giles Cook [p. 98]
of the from Zion,
High Counsellors
Morris Phelps
Elias Hutchings
Edson Barney
J[azeniah] B. Smith
The High councils took their seats in regular order according to their appointments.
Also the seven Presidents of the Elders.
Lyman S. Ferman [Sherman]
Also twenty seven of the seventy Elders and sons of Zion.
The in , & acted as .
The Bishop from Zion
acted instead of (absent) & acted as counsellors
President of the
Thirty one of the Elders of the ,
President of the
and Eight priests,
President of the ,
and one deacon
President of the , and six Teachers.
Brother appointed as President to keep order among the members, and prevent disturbance in the House. [p. 99]
appointed to lead in singing,
Sung the following Hymn, Glorious things of thee are Spoken &c.
Also When I can read my title clear &c
took the stand and opened the services of the day. by prayer to God, that his spirit might inspire us to do all business in Righteousness before him, after which sung, Beyond these earthly scenes in sight &c Then Presidents, & proceeded to Morris Phelps to the High Priesthood of the Holy order of God, by the voice of the Presidency. they said, The Lord instruct with all wisdom necessary to fill this important station according to the will of God, Thou shalt, if faithful be sent to the nations of the Earth, and gather Sheaves from the East & West & from the North & South— with all power necessary to accomplish thy Mission. Then Presidents. & , proceeded, by the voice of the to ordain Elder to the first 70 saying, Dear brother, in the name of Jesus Christ, we lay our hands upon thy head & ordain thee to this ministry, to bear the tidings of the fullness of the everlasting gospel to all nations kindreds, tongues & people: Yea though thou shalt have power to go from nation to nation & from Island to Island & proclaim my gospel in all the different languages & tongues of the earth & shall have power over all thy enemies, & shall be a swift herald of the cross. None shall stay thy hand, & if faithful the Lord shall give the[e] power to fill this Mission, also wisdom from Heaven, righteousness & truth, that thou mayest accomplish the same, and in old age return to Zion bringing multitudes with thee. having overcome all things and accomplished a good work, to the acceptance of thy Heavenly Father to rejoice in his Kingdom, with songs of Everlasting joy. all these blessings we upon thy head, in the name of Jesus Christ even so, Amen.
Also Brother Sherman Gilbert to the office of an Elder to bear the glad tidings of the [p. 100] gospel to the inhabitants of the earth. because thou hast offerd thy life as a sacrafice thou shalt be numbered with the 2d to proclaim the Gospel to the nations of the Earth. The Lord shall bless the[e] with blessing upon blessing & wisdom upon wisdom; also visions and instructions from heaven, until the heart is stored with all wisdom, and thou shalt have an in the land of Zion, whither thou wentest to lay down thy life for thy brethren, that thou mayest have a place to lay thy head, when thou shalt have accomplished thy mission that the Lord has alloted unto thee and if thou art faithful, all these blessings shall crown thy head, even so, Amen;
Also Brother , blessed in the name of Jesus Christ, in the following manner, because thou didst leave thy family in thy old age and go up to Zion to redeem thy brethren, blessing after blessing shall roll upon the[e] until thou art satisfied, and <thou> shalt know the truth of the Religion that thou dost profess, by the administration of angels, and wisdom from on high shalt rest upon thee. The Lord himself shall be upon thy right hand to uphold thee. And if thou desirest thou shalt go forth to proclaim the fullness of my gospel, with all the qualifications necessary to accomplish a good work. and if thou art faithful, thou shalt come down to thy grave in peace, having over come all things, even so, Amen.
Also Brother was blessed in the following manner. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray that blessings may rest upon thee because thou wentest to Zion to lay down thy life for thy brethren, Thou art young but shalt, if faithful be called to the ministry in maturer age, and proclaim the gospel to many people, and live to the coming of the son of man. Waters shall not drown thee, fire shall not burn thee, Enemies shall not prevail against thee in if faithful & if not thy end shall be in darkness & bitterness for ever. [p. 101]
If faithful, thou shalt receive all these blessings even so, Amen.
Also Benjamin Gifford, blessed as follows. In the name of Jesus Christ we ask our heavenly Father to bless thee in thy youth, & cleanse the[e] from sin, and prepare the[e] to receive an with the sons of Zion, after the scourges are over. If thou art faithful the Lord, shall give the[e] Wisdom after Wisdom, grace after grace, until thou be prepared to take in the ministry with thy brethren, and go forth and do a great work in company with them, and be equal to them in all things, & do much good in proclaiming the gospel & if faithful, thou shalt return, with Joy to Zion, even so amen.
Also Elder, , Blessed as follows, in the name of Jesus Christ, we the blessings of the upon the[e] which thou hast already received. Thy head is already beginning to blossom for the grave, but the Lord shall give the[e] vigor of youth. Thou shalt see thy hearts desire in the . Thy prayers have reached the heavens in her behalf, and thou shalt see her in her glory, and leap & praise God upon her land, Thy God hath looked upon thee and preserved thee and thou shalt gather many sons and daughters to Zion, who shall be as stars in the crown of thy rejoicing. And if thou art faithful, thou shalt receive all these blessings, even so— Amen.
Also Brother Joseph Hartshorn blessed as follows. Our aged brother. with peculiar feelings we lay our hands upon thy head, and ask our heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ to bless thee. Our hearts are full of blessings for thee. Thou hast despised the infirmities of age and gone with thy younger brethren to the redemption of Zion. The Lord shall give the[e] blessing upon blessing, grace after grace and lead thee gently like a child & if it be wisdom, thy [p. 102] hearing shall be restored, if faithful angels, shall minister unto thee around thy death bed, and bear thy departing spirit like Lazarus to rest in Abraham’s bosom. to inherit all the glory of the , even so Amen.
singing at intervals how precious is the name, &c.
Adjourned one hour. The blessings of the spiritual Kingdom pronounced by
Met again according to adjournment and proceeded to business. Called the names of all the of the several departments of the Assembly and found their full.
Sung the praise of God as follows, All hail! the power of Jesus <name>, President arose & rebuked some of the Authorities for not being in their seats at the time appointed
President then arose with the Book of Doctrine and Covenants, (284 pages) contain[in]g the faith articles and covinants of the , then proceeded to take the vote of the whole House commencing with the Presidents of Zion. President . arose & spoke in high commendation of the book aforenamed & said, That he had examined it carefully, that it was well arranged and calculated to govern the church in righteousness, if followed would bring the members to see eye to eye. And further that he had received the testimony from God, that the Revelations and contained therein are true, wherefore, he knew assuredly for himself having received witness from Heaven, & not from men. President testified also that he was well acquainted with the work & knew it to be true. and from. God. President arose and testified his Joy, that we have at length receivd the long wished for document to govern the church in righteousness and bring the to see eye to eye: and further that he was present when some of the revelations contained therein were given, and was satisfied [p. 103] they came from God. then called the Vote of which was carried as follows That they would receive the Book as the rule of their faith & practice, and put themselves under the guidance of the same and also that they were satisfied with the committee that were chosen to compile it, as having discharged their duty faithfully. The vote of the was then called and carried in confirmation of th[e] above. Counsellor , then arose and said that he had examined as many of the revelations contained in the book as were printed in Zion. & as firmly believes them as he does the Book of Mormon or the Bible and also the whole contents of the Book, he then called for the vote of the High Council from Zion, which they gave in favor of the Book and also of the committee. , then arose and read the written testimony of the in favor of the Book and the Committe who compiled it. the Presidents of the 70 Apostles were then called upon to give their decision on the said Book. President who was appointed to speak for the on this occasion took the Book & said that he had examined the Lectures and many of the Revelations contained in it, and was perfectly satisfied with the same, and further, that he knew that they were true by the testimony of the Holy Spirit of God given unto him; he then called for the Vote of as many of the 70 as were present, which was unanimously given in favor of the Book, and also that they were perfectly satisfied with the committee that compiled it. The Book was then presented to of , who received it & testified that he had examined the Lectures that were contained in it, and that he believed them beyond a doubt, and the revelations contained in it he knew were true, for God had testified to him by his holy Spirit, for many of them were given [p. 104] under his roof & in his presence through Joseph Joseph Smith Junr the Prophet of Lord. He then called for the Vote of . which was given in favor of the Book and also of the Committee that compiled it. as having discharged their duty faithfully. The Book was then handed to , who acted in the place of Bishop in Zion (absent) He said that he received it with great Joy and was perfectly satisfied with the same, and most cordially received it as a rule of faith and practice, and also his entire satisfaction with the labors of the Committee. He also stated that he knew the work. to be true, then called for the vote of his council which was given in favor of the book and of the committee. then took the Book and said that he knew it was true, and also th[e] Book of Mormon, because he had received the testimony of the Spirit in favor of them, and that he was well satisfied with the committee He called for th[e] voice of the Elders which was given in favor of the work & <that> they were satisfied with the committee: took the Book and said. he was present in the general assembly which appointed the committee, And that he was well satisfied with the fruit of their labors. He then took the Vote of the Priests, who gave their voice to receive it, being satisfied with the labors of the committee The book being handed to ; He arose and said, he had been present when one of the revelations contained in it was given, and that he receivved it at the time, as coming from God, and that he was willing to be governed by the rules contained in the book, for he verily believed them to be good, & he was well satisfied with the labors of the committe. He also obtained the voice of all the Teachers present in favor of the work and the Committee. [p. 105]
took the Book into his hands stating that he fully approved of the matter contained in it, & gave his voice in favor of the committee, There being only one Deacon present beside himself, he called upon him to give his voice concerning this book, & he said he received it with Joy and was satisfied with the Committee.
Brother Then took the Book and expressed his satisfaction with it, and also called a vote of all the members present, both male & female, & They gave a decided voice in favor of it & also of the committee. There being a very large portion of the present. All of the above testimonies and votes were voluntarily & unhesitatingly given with the utmost freedom of conscience on part of the Assembly. then arose & read a chapter of Rules for Marriage among the saints: And the whole church voted to receive it, It is therefore to be attached to the book. , then arose and read an instrument containing certain principles or items upon laws in general. & church government,
Vote of the whole house called for, & unanimously given by the usual sign of uplifted hands in favor of the same.
The services of the day closed by prayer, the congregation then arose & sung a hymn precious is the name. &c. President. then dismissed the assembly by invoking the blessing of heaven with uplifted hands
[p. 106]