Copies of Book of Mormon Characters, Harmony Township, Susquehanna Co., PA

Between 23 September 1827 and Late June 1829

  • Between 23 Sept. 1827 and late June 1829. Not extant.
  • Between ca. 1829 and 1831; “Caractors;” CCLA; English word in handwriting of John Whitmer; characters probably also in Whitmer’s handwriting.
  • Between ca. 1835 and 1836; Characters; CHL; handwriting of Oliver Cowdery; characters presumably in Cowdery’s handwriting.
  • Ca. 1836; “Characters on the Book of Mormon”; Revelations Collection, CHL; handwriting of Frederick G. Williams.
  • 1844;The Stick of Joseph, Taken from the Hand of Ephraim, broadside, [New York City, NY: Prophet, 1844], copy at CHL.
  • Ca. 1980; Historical Department, Materials Received from Mark W. Hofmann, CHL; handwriting of Mark Hofmann forging handwriting of JS. FORGERY.