Sampson Avard and Others, Letter, Far West, Caldwell Co., MO, to Oliver Cowdery and Others, Far West, Caldwell Co., MOAccording to Sampson Avard, Rigdon drafted this letter. Neither Rigdon’s nor JS’s name appears among the eighty-three signatories; however, the document was signed by prominent church leaders Hyrum Smith, John Smith, and George W. Robinson. Ebenezer Robinson recalled decades later that the letter was written in the First Presidency’s office, suggesting that JS may have been involved in the document’s production and that he approved of its contents. It is therefore included in this calendar as a possible JS document. (See Sampson Avard, Testimony, Richmond, MO, Nov. 1838, pp. [13]–[20], State of Missouri v. JS et al. for Treason and Other Crimes [Mo. 5th Jud. Cir. 1838], in State of Missouri, “Evidence”; and Ebenezer Robinson, “‘Saints’ Herald, Again. Misrepresentations,” Return, Feb. 1890, 218–219; see also Historical Introduction to Letter to Oliver Cowdery and Others, ca. 17 June 1838.)

Ca. 17 June 1838