Sidney Rigdon, Discourse, Far West, Caldwell Co., MOEbenezer Robinson, the church’s printer in 1838, recalled decades later that the 4 July 1838 discourse “was a carefully prepared document, previously written, and well understood by the First Presidency,” suggesting that the written text may have been prepared prior to 4 July. Rigdon delivered the discourse; however, given the possibility that JS assisted in the preparation of the written text, it is included in this calendar as a possible JS document. (Ebenezer Robinson, “Items of Personal History of the Editor,” Return, Nov. 1889, 170; see also Historical Introduction to Discourse, ca. 4 July 1838.)

Ca. 4 July 1838

  • Ca. 4 July 1838. Not extant.
  • Ca. Aug. 1838; Far West [Liberty, MO], ca. Aug. 1838. Not extant.
  • Ca. Aug. 1838; Oration Delivered by Mr. S. Rigdon, on the 4th of July, 1838. At Far West, Caldwell County, Missouri [Far West, MO: Journal Office, 1838].