Account of Hearing, 10 February 1843, as Reported by William W. Phelps [State of Illinois v. Olney]

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State of Illinois)
Hancock County)
City of ).
Mayor’s Court)
Feb. 10, 1843:)
The People of State of )
vs:— )
— and )
upon a charge <​exam[in]ation​> of grand Larce)
<​ sd​> I acknowledged that he took all the goods out of that store myself no one assisted me. The goods upon the table and in the house here, are the same I took. I hid them in a field at first The papers were destroyed by bunig [burning] Entered the house by the windows after 10. They have been in my possession ever since.
I carried the goods from the store my self at seven or eight times
Qustn [Question] by the mayor Have teaching that you ever have had from this Church influenced you steal these good
A— no: the church has never taught any such practice. [p. 1]
Q— will you state whether you the goods here from the store of Mr. on Mulholland Street
A I did.
Q Did you enter the store through the window by boring a board and taking it off
A I did: the board was fastened to the window and returned back through window with the goods into the street; between 9 and 10: on the night of January 23d 1843. and was kept by him in his house until they were takeen by the office[r].
I entered the store and took the goods in January 1843 and the goods now here with the exception of a few small articles are the same which I took. The few small articles I used.
$50 Bank bill produced— Is that same bill you took from the store. A— It is.
<​on the bank of Ala[ba]ma​> [p. [2]]
Q This Wallet that you now see: Did you take it from the store?
I did; with the other papers which I burned.
A piece of Cloth was handed to me by Mr to make his little girls some dresses: had never heard him say it was right to steal. brought the goods about the first of Feb. last. shown the cloth: that is remnant that was left of the Dresses I made. Did not tell me where he got the cloth. he brought no other goods:— Does not know of any other persons getting goods of .
Mary Olney sworn:
Did you ever see those go[o]ds before
A no sir: had seen the remnant described by Mr[s] Nurse. her good 2 or 3 weeks ago. It was taken to Mrs Nurses to make clothes. Did not know of any goods in the house. [p. 3]
The chest in court is one of her s, and has been for a long time Kept clothing in it— open it when she wished to. no lock upon it. Took her things out by her s direct[io]n some 2 or 3 weeks since, and carried them up stairs. did not know what was in the chest afterwards— did not go to it after she took her things out; saw no other goods up stairs; recognized a bag shown to her, as her s sack. When shown a piece of goods did not recollect to have seen it. her did not forbid her to go up stairs; slept up stairs. New shoes were her sisters shoes which her got for her; the dress upon her sister is the one made; did not know where her got it
<​Laura Eliza Olney the girl​>
recalled. The Dress the cloths is the same she mad[e]; from the cloth brought by .
, <​Sw[or]n​> says these goods are his. and taken from his goods store
sworn. These goods are s, and were found in s possession.
Sworn [p. 4]
The night before s store was broken open came and a inch a quarter auger; was not returned— he Had said that things in these last days had become slippery; that they would be missing mysteriously had said that s cellar would be good place if a mob came and went through to put things that might be left and secure them. a good place to secu[r]e plunder. was ta[l]king about the riches of the earth, for the time was coming when we should possess the riches of the earth [p. [5]]
That one — did on the 23d day of January 1843 in the night time wilfully and maliciously and forcibly break and enter the Store House of one at the County of Hancock and within the City of in said County with intent to commit larce[n]y. [p. [6]]
I went to that store & I took them things out of that store there is no person knows any thing about them things but me. I have out of necessity taken these things I destroyed the papers [p. [7]]
And the owner of the Goods, , which said Goods were taken by the officer making the arrest from the custody of <​on[e] of​> the defendants and brought with the defendants before the court the said Smith demanding the same and it being made satisfactorily to appear to this court that the same are numerous and inconvinent [inconvenient] to be transmitted to the Sheriff, and that they are the property of the said Smith it is ordered that the same goods so proved be delivered to the said Smith; with the exception of one pair of shoes, one Bag, one Valice, one piece of Blue Cloth and one pocket Book contain[in]g sundry papers and a Bank Bill of the denomination of fifty dollars on the Bank of Alabama be delivered over to the said Smith, <​and two hankercheifs​> and the excepted articles be retained as evidence, according to law, in the further trial in the circuit court.— [p. [8]]
Feby. 10th. 1843.—
State of )
) [p. [9]]


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