Addenda Notes [January 1840]

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Jan 8, 1840 (1013 [1012]) This evening preached at at a school house in the south west part of , when the people present commencd making noise & disturbing the meeting, <​&​> when was rep[r]oved rep[r]oving them, for their disgraceful conduct, some of theose present fired Lucifer matches; rebukeed them severly, & taught them better menners, and proposed to send them <​some​> Black hawk or some other indians <​from the west​> to civilize them
Jan 9, 1840, 1014 [1013]— while they were openig the meeting some one threw a quantity of Brimstone in the fire which nearly suffocated them, As soon as the fumes of Brimstone would permit, , told them he thought he should be in no danger of catching the itch in , for the smell of Brimstone indicated tht it was thorougly cured.
Jan 12— 1014 [1013]. after preching had a severe shake of the ague which lasted some hours, The weather was extremely cold, but by the kind attention of Mr Peiness famly, & he was <​in in some​> relieved off of his ague before he left . wore a cradle bed quilt from to , where took <​lined​> one of old, worn out plaid cloak, with s quilt, with flennel between, which made him very comfotable [p. [1]]
June 8th. 1840
Journal of some preachings and meetings [p. [2]]


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    Docket in handwriting of Jonathan Grimshaw.