Affidavit from Andrew M. Hamilton and James B. Hamilton, 20 December 1843, Thomas Bullock Second Copy

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State of Illinois) ss
On the 20th. day of December 1843 personally appeared before me a Justice of the Peace in and for said Andrew M. Hamilton and of in said and being duly sworn depose and say that on the evening of the second day of December 1843 at Vernon Doty’s Mill in said , Colonel of said as principal, John Williams his Son, William Middleton of the county of Clark and State of ; Captn. Mc.Koy [Joseph McCoy] of said county of Clark and State of ; John Fox of Green Plains precinct, and about a dozen other men armed with Pistols Dirks and Bowie Knives came forcibly upon at said Doty’s Mill, and seized and bound him; The said told them to stand off; they said they had a Writ; he observed he would not resist legal authority: They said they would take said to and there try him: the said replied “I understand you, you will take me to and then pass me over the to .” some of said Gang then shouted “lay hold of him, God damn him, lay hold of him, there’s no need of parleying”: at which Colonel with a large Bowie Knife in his hand, and others then forced the said to submit, telling him, (without a Writ) that his life would be taken if he did not submit. They then tied him with Silk Handkerchiefs; Colonel and another person then led the said away, and as they passed your affiants within the distance of about four rods; the said cried out to one of your said affiants “Tell my friends where I am gone.” told said to hold his peace for it was of no use: William Middleton then got a horse and after tying him upon said horse as sworn to before, by another witness; they then conveyed him to without Writ or trial as your affiants verily believe And further your affiants say not.
Andrew M. Hamilton
Subscribed and sworn to this 20th. day of December 1843 before me
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