Affidavit from Anson Call and Others, 19 June 1844, Copy

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June 19. 1844
State of Illinois)
Hancock County)
City of )
Personally appeared before me Anson Call, David Evans and William E. Horner of and aforesaid being duly sworn depose and say that on Monday the 17th. instant we went to <​started for​> Rocky Run Precinct and arrived yesterday, we then went to of that place, and there soon assembled 20 or 30 men— we were informed that was gone to , to get the Colonel there to bring on his Regiment— we then informed them that we were delegated on behalf of the people of to transact business with them— they informed us they had a committee set apart to do their business— and that one of their Committee was then present— one was absent and the other two would shortly be here— that while a person was seeking the two men— we observed to the people that General Smith was willing to be tried in any State for any crime or supposed crime that he had ever committed except <​in​> the State of — one of the persons objected to General Smith being tried by the Municipal Court <​in ​> and declared that nothing else would do but for him to be taken again upon the Old Writ, and by the same person who took him in Custody before, and tried at the place where the writ was issued. it was then observed that <​the Circuit Judge ​> had advised General Smith to be taken and tried before any Justice, and to enter into bonds to be tried before the Circuit Court, in order to <​and this would​> allay all the exciting <​excited​> feelings of the people— it was then advised <​moved​> by a young man and sanctioned by the people that a Committee should wait on the who gave General Smith that advice, and give him a Coat of Tar and Feathers when one of notoriety agreed to find the Tar and Feathers accordingly— after some further conversation Lawyer Stevens came in from and asked where was, he was told that he was gone to , they then observed to the Lawyer that we were delegates from — when he replied, we are expecting delegates too at , and he said the people <​were​> talking of introducing them to the , and says he, Gentlemen you can do with your delegates what you think proper— a Mr. Crawford one of the Committee observed that he went against such work <​proceedings​> and advised them as a body to keep cool— they then told the Lawyer the advice that the of the Circuit Court had given to General Smith, when he said it was unlawful advice, and it was a second time moved and assented to, that a Committee should wait on and give him a Coat of Tar and Feathers. the remainder of the Committee having come in, they stated to us that they had written to the to obtain aid from other Counties, and if the did not send them aid, they were too weak to go <​themselves​> now, but were summoning all the people that would come into the until they got force enough to come up, and take Joseph Smith with the first warrant, and take him to the place where he writ was first issued, and nothing less than that would satisfy the people
Anson Call
David Evans
Wm. E. Horner
Sworn and subscribed to this 19 June 1844) [p. [1]]
June 19, 1844
Affidavit of Anson Call David Evans Wm. E. Horner
recopied [p. [2]]


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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.  

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