Affidavit from John P. Greene, 21 June 1844

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June 21st. 1844
State of Illinois)
County of Hancock)
City of )
Personally appeared , before me Recorder of said , and after being duly sworn deposeth and saith that on or about the 27th. day of May 1844 while at in , County aforesaid, in company with Joseph Smith and others. called into a private room and there & then said “for God’s sake dont suffer that man, Joseph Smith, to go out of doors for if he steps outside of the door his blood will be spilt,” to which statement replied he had no such fears; when said confirmed said statements with considerable emotions. And said he knew that Smith could not go out of doors, “but his blood would be spilt. asked who would do it. said he would not tell, but he knew the proud spirit of . that he would not be insulted and that he would kill Joseph Smith if he had to die on the spot. And there were many others, in who would assist to do the same thing.
was in the house below at that time. A day or two previous to the above conversation, while at aforesaid, heard say that Joseph Smith was the damn’dest rascal in the world, and he [p. [1]] would be damned if he did not take vengeance on him if he had to follow him to the . And said made many more such like threats against Joseph Smith and .
Sworn & subscribed this 21st. day of June 1844 before me
Recorder of the City of Ls
affidavit filed June 21st. 1844
June 21— 1844
’s Affidavit [p. [2]]


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