Affidavit from Orson Hyde, 28 December 1843

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State of Illinois) ss
City of )
On the 28th day of Dec. 1834 <​1843​>, came before me, Joseph Smith, Mayor of said , and after being duly sworn, deposeth and saith, that on the 26th. Inst, as he was passing from to through that part of where resides, he was credibly informed that on Saturday previous, the anti-Mormons held a meeting, drew up an article and passed several resolutions, among which were these, “We will revere and hold sacred and inviolate the Constitution of the , and also the Constitution of this . We will visit the Mormons residing in our vicinity and require them to give up their guns, and such as do it, shall dwell here in peace; but those who will not do it, may have thirteen days to leave in, and if they are not off in that time, we will drive them.[”] The above is the Substance, but prehaps not the very words. They also Swear that the Mormons shall never raise another crop in that region &c. &c And further this deponent saith not
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 28 Decr. 1843—
Clerk M.C. [p. [1]]
<Decr. 28. 1843
Affidavit of
Decr. 29
copied for
> [p. [2]]


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