Affidavit from Thomas G. Wilson, 16 June 1844, Copy

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State of Illinois)
Hancock County)
City of )
June 16th. 1844 Personally appeared before me Clerk of the Municipal Court of the City of , Thomas G. Wilson and after being duly sworn according to law deposeth and saith that during the last evening, Robert Johnson of the aforesaid, told deponent, that fifteen hundred Missourians would assemble at in said on the morning of the 17th. inst, that the arms of the Quincy Greys had been sent up to , that they had five cannon at , that said Missourians and others who should join them would proceed to , and the Quincy Greys and other Companies from were to meet the Missourians in at the time before started, that from they were going round to the branches of the in said and inform them that they must deny Joseph’s being a Prophet, and if they did not deny Joseph, they must leave immediately— and on Thursday next the whole Mob were to proceed to and demand Joseph, and and the City Council of said — and if Joseph and , and City Council were not given up they would blow up the and kill and exterminate all the Inhabitants of said
Thomas G. Wilson
Seal of Municipal Court
Subscribed and sworn to before me Clerk In testimony whreof I have hereunto set my hand and seal of the Municipal Court of said at the time and place above written
Clerk M. C. C. [p. [1]]
I have compared the within affidavit with the original and find it a true copy
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal of Court at the City of this 16th. day of June 1844
Clerk of the Municipal Court City of [p. [2]]
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June 16, 1844
[p. [4]]


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    Notation in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.  

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    Signature of Willard Richards.  

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    Dockets in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.