Agreement with John A. Newbould, circa 2 August 1839

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Whereas Joseph Smith Jr & others on the first day of September 1837 executed their three several promissory notes of that date viz
one at 12 mo for $282.26
one at 18 mo for
one at 24 mo for
all payable to my order— And whereas said proposes within one year from this the first day of October next to pay the one half of said notes and interest thereon in lands— Now we agree that when the said shall before said first day of October Eighteen Hundred and forty make or cause to be made to us a good indefeasable title by Warrantee deed to good farming lands situate in either of the following states Either or either Cultivated or wild, at the appraisal of judicious men, being trustees or select men of townships or county officers in the township or county where such lands shall be situate at their fair marketable value in cash, to the amount of one half of said demands, we will then discharge the said notes
By Charles Taylor [p. [1]]
[p. [2]]


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