Answer, between 29 September and 4 October 1843 [Clayton v. E. W. Rhodes et al.]

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State of Illinois) ss.
Circuit Court
The separate answer of Joseph Smith one of the defendants to the Bill of Complainant— The said Joseph Smith now comes and for answer to the Bill of the said says that, it is true he duly assigned the Bond from Erie Rhodes to him mentioned in s bill to the as alleged in s bill and it is true that the payments for the land in said bond described were made in full for said land as alleged in s Bill and as set forth and endorsed on the said bond, the last payment being made in full to one H J Rhodes an agent for one Hugh Rhodes as endorsed on said Bond— That the said Bond was executed by the said Erie Rhodes in his lifetime and that the several endorsements and assignments on said Bond are correct as deponent verily believes. And now having answered the bill of the said Joseph Smith prays to be hence dismissed with his Costs &c
I Joseph Smith being duly sworn say that the several matters and things set forth in the foregoing answer as of my own knowledge are true— and that the other several matters and things therein set forth as from the information of others and belief I believe to be true
Joseph Smith
Sworn to and subscribed before me 29th day of September 1843.
acting Justice of the Peace [p. 448]