Appendix 2, Document 2a. Characters Copied by Oliver Cowdery, circa 1835–1836

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English {for it grieveth me that I should lose this tree & the fruit thereof
Hebrew {fin Zemim ezmon E. Zer Oms. ifs veris exzer ens. vonis vinesis
English brethren I bid you adieu
Hebrew {ifs E. Zamtri
(“The Book of Mormon) (the interpreters of languages)
([2 characters]) ([2 characters])
Written & kept for profit & learning— By [p. [1]]


  1. 1

    TEXT: Or “iss”.  

  2. 2

    TEXT: Or “vineris” or “ninesis” or “nineris”.  

  3. 3

    TEXT: Or “iss”.  

  4. 4

    TEXT: Or “Zarntri”.