Application for Land Patent, 2 August 1842

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No. 16591
1st 2nd day of August 18342
I Joseph Smith of Ill County, and State of do hereby apply for the purchase of the South East qr of section numbered Twenty five in township numbered seven North of range numbered Eight West of the fourth principal meridian, containing one Hundred & sixty— /100 acres according to the returns of the Surveyor General, for which I have agreed with the Register to give at the rate of one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre.
Jos Smith
I, WM. G. FLOOD, Register of the Land Office at , Illinois, do hereby certify that the [blank] section, above described, contains [blank] acres, as mentioned; and that the price agreed upon is $1 25 per acre.
William G. Flood Register. [p. [1]]


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