Assignment from Daniel Avery, 28 October 1843

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know all men by these presants that I Jessey [Jesse] D hunter of and territory of do bind my self my hiers in the full and just sum of three hundred Dollars to me in hand paid the resecpt weras is Acknowledge & reseived of of the State of and and sittey of
now the Condition of the above obligation is such that if the said Jessey D hunter shal mak or Cause to be made a good and suffient warenttee Deede for a pese of land lying and being in the sittey of lying on kimbals adition to the said land lyes on block five <​marked​> on the sitty plat being in the north west lott in said block and the S north west quarter of said lot it being an undavided lot that is to be Divided Eaqual and in dew form said deed is to be maid unto his heirs or asignes on or befor the first of Desember <​february​> next than this obligation to be void other-wise to remain in full forse and vartae [virtue] this 21 of Sept 1842
J. D. Hunter
John B. Walker [p. [1]]
I assign the within Bond and all my right and interest therein to Joseph Smith Trustee in Trust &c—
Oct 28— 1843
[p. [2]]
J D Hunter


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    Signature of Jesse D. Hunter.  

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    Witnessed by John B. Walker.  

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    Assignment in handwriting of William Clayton.  

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    Signature of Daniel Avery.  

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    Docket in unidentified handwriting.