Attachment, 17 May 1839 [Rigdon et al. for the use of L. Cowdery v. W. Smith]

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The State of Ohio)
ss: [scilicet])
To the of our said . . . Greeting:— We command you to attach the lands tenements goods chattels rights credits monies and effects of wheresoever they may be found and the same to keep or so to provide that the same or the value thereof may be forth coming to answer the judgment of our Court of Common Pleas within and for the said County of in a certain action of assumpsit therein prosecuted by , Joseph Smith Junior, & partners trading under the firm of and for the use of Lyman Cowdery against the said for two thousand dollars damages; and in what manner you shall execute this writ make appear to [p. 146] our said Court at their term to be held at on the twenty fourth day of June next and have you then there this writ. Witness Clerk of our said Court at this seventeenth day of May A.D. 1839. Attest— C[harles] H. Foot Dep. Clerk.
[. . .]
Suit brot. on Book account &c. Also for goods sold &c. Also for money lent &c. Also for money paid &c. Also for money found due plaintiff from defendant on an account stated &c.
[. . .]
The State of Ohio ss: I have made due and diligent search for goods chattels lands & tenements belonging to and find none in my bailiwick that I fee safe in attaching. 2d. Shff. [p. 147]


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