Authorization for Heber C. Kimball, 1 June 1843

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To all Saints, and honorable men of the earth. Greeting
Dear Brethren and friends: I Joseph Smith a Servant of the Lord and Trustee in trust for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints do hereby certify that the Bearer hereof an elder and one of the twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, has deposited with me his bond and security, to my full satisfaction, according to the resolution of the Conference, held in this , on the 6th. day of April last, He therefore is recommended to all Saints and honorable people, as a legal agent to collect funds for the purpose of building the , and of the Lord. Confident that he will honor this high trust, as well as ardently fulfil his commission as a messenger of peace and salvation, as one of the Lord’s noblemen, I can fervently say may the Lord clear his way before him, and bless him, and bless those that obey his teachings, wherever there are ears to hear and hearts to feel. He is in the language of the Hebrews ([two Hebrew words]) (Haura-ang yeesh-rau-ale) The friend of Israel, and worthy to be received and entertained as a man of God: yea: he has, as had the ancient apostles [four Greek words] (O logos o kalos) the good word: even the good word that leadeth unto eternal life Laus Deus. Praise God. Wherefore brethren and friends, while you have the assurance of the integrity, fidelity, and ability of this [p. [1]]
servant of the living God. Trusting that your hearts & energies will be enlivened, and deeply engaged in the building of these houses, directed by revelation for the salvation of all Saints; and that you will not rest where you are, until all things are prepared before you and you are gathered home with the rest of Israel to meet your God— I feel strong in the belief, And have a growing expectation, that you will not withhold any means in your power that can be used to accomplish this glorious work. Finally, as one that greatly desires the salvation of man, let me remind you all to strive with a godly Zeal, for virtue, holiness and the commandments of the Lord. Be good; be wise; be just; be liberal; and above all be charitable always abounding in all good works: And may health, peace, and the love of God our Father, and the grace of Jesus Christ our Lord, be and abide with you all, is the sincere prayer of
Your devoted brother & friend in the everlasting Gospel.
Joseph Smith
City of )
June 1st. 1843) [1/4 page blank] [p. [2]]
Elder ’s Letter of commendation
June 1 43
June 1. 1843


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