Authorization for Lucien Woodworth, 16 March 1844

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City of.— , Ill.
March 16. 1844—
To whom it may concern,
Know ye that Esqr. is hereby authorized and confirmed to transact such business as he may deem expedient, and proper— for the benefit of the Church of Jesus christ of Latter day Saints— & by these presents he is recommended to all gentlemen, as, a man of christian-respec[ti]bility & standing entitled to the aud[i]ence of all honorable men.—
In Testimony whereof— we have hereunto set of <​our​> hands, and affixed the sale [seal] of corporati[on] at the time & place before sp[ecifie]d.— [p. [1]]
March 16. 1844
authority of


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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.