Bill from Hyrum Smith and Others, 26 November 1842

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An ordinanc Regulating the erection <​& removal​> of Slaughter house within the city of .
<​Sec. 1.—​> Be it ordaind by the city council of the city of that any <​establishment​> house or houses now existing Erected or which may hereafter be erected by any person or persons within the the limits of of the corporation of said . for the purpose of slaughtering cattle, sheep hogs or other animals— said <​establishment​> house or houses being situated within one half mile of any dwelling house within said city.— said slaughter house or houses shall be considered public Nuisance— <​or Nuisances​> & & <​shall be​> removed according to the ordinances in such case made & privided— This ordinance to be in force from & after its Passage said nuisances to be removed at the expence of the owner
Sec 2. If the owner of any such <​establishment​> house or houses shall, on being duly informed warned by the mayor or an officer appointed by him, refuse to remove such nuisance <​or nuisances​> he shall be fined in the sum of one hundred dollars for <​each House <​or establishment​> for​> every week that that he continues to use such <​establishment​> house or houses for the purpose of slaughter
Sec. 3. If such nuisance is not removed within one month of the time that that the person or persons received warning thereof [p. [1]]
the mayor shall have power to remove such nuisance at the expense of the & in <​offending party​> addition in addition to the above named fines<​, &​> the mayor in the meantime shall have power to draw from the city treasury all necessary expenses incurred by such removal <​<​which​> said fines & expenses shall be collected before an alderman or the Mayor as the law provides in other cases of debt.​>
<​Sec. 4.​> This ordinance to take effect <​& be in force​> from and after its passage.
<​passed​> Novr. <​26th.​>, 1842
<​, Recorder.​>
Joseph Smith Mayor [p. [2]]


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