Bill from Sylvester Emmons and Others, circa 25 February 1843–B

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An Ordinance Concerning a Market on Main street
Sec. 1. Be it Ordained by the City Council of the City of
That the Mayor of the be and he hereby is authorised to contract with any competent person to furnish Materials for and erect and finish a good, substantial and convenient Market house for this on the ground that shall be selected and for that purpose by the City Council, which said building shall be built on the most approved place and cost not less than five Hundred Dollars
Sec, 2 when said market house shall be finished, the Mayor is hereby authorised to make execute and deliver unto the competent person building the Market house aforesaid, a lease of said Market house the same for three <​five​> years, for and in <​as​> a full consideration to him for the Materials furnished and labor bestowed in and about the erection and finishing said building by said person as aforesaid; and that said person be competent person may lease out the Stalls thereof at public auction in this to the highest bidder, for the such period <​of time​> as he may think best, within the three <​five​> years above mentioned; and the rents and profits arising from the same during the said three <​five​> years shall be payable to and for the sole uses of the said competent person aforesaid, for the consideration aforesaid; and at the expiration of said term said competent person or the lessee of the shall surrender the possession of said market house, in good order, to the Market Master of this , or to such other person as the <​City​> Council shall direct
Sec 3 That as soon as said market house shall be completed, and the stalls thereof leased and furnished with good wholesome meats for sale [p. [1]] and delivery, that from and after that time a market shall be established in this and no person or persons shall vend sell or buy any fresh meat or meats at any other place in this than at the Market house aforesaid, And every person offending against this section shall forfeit and pay to this twenty Dollars for each offence with costs Provided; however, Any person may sell by the quarter in this at any other place and that nothing in this ordinance or in the lease to be given to said competent person as may be contracted with by the Mayor as aforesaid shall be so construed as to prohibit or in any manner obstruct the right of the City Council of this from building an addition to said market house, and leasing the stalls thereof or from establishing in this any other market or markets whenever the City Council shall be of opinion that the interest of the inhabitants of this shall require either to be done and this proviso shall be inserted in the lease given to be given by the Mayor to the competent person contracted with aforesaid
Sec 4 That the Market shall be held on <​in​> said Market house every Monday, wednesday and Friday or every day except sunday to be regulated by the City Council
Sec 5 there shall be a passage legnth wise through the entire market house ten feet in width and <​between​> the piers or pillars thereof the space between the piers or pillars shall be deemed stalls for butchers and which stalls may extend towards from each side of the building towards the centre thereof so as to leave the space for passage aforesaid [p. [2]]
Sec 6 that all that space <​of ground​> out side the Market house and under the eaves of the same may be used free of charge for the sale of fish, poultry, butter, eggs and vegetables and that the roof of said building shall extend over the outside of the house so as to cover about four feet of ground on each side thereof
sec, 9 <​7​> That No vegetables, eggs or poultry, of any kind shall be sold or bought within this during market hours, except at the market or markets in this . every person who shall violate this section shall forfeit and pay to this two Dollars with cost of suit
sec 7 <​8​> No person <​or persons​> shall obstruct the passages of the market with wheel barrows or other articles, during market hours under the penalty of two Dollars to be recovered with cost of suit with for this
sec 8 <​9​> That all lessees or ocupiers of stalls shall keep the same clean and free from any disagreeable smell and shall cleanse the same as often as necessary and <​every person​> for a failure to comply with <​the provisions of​> this section shall forfeit and pay to the the penalty of two Dollars for each offence [p. [3]]
sec 9 <​10​> It shall be the duty of the Market Master of this to superintend the Market and put in force all the ordinances of this , concerning markets or having relation thereto, he is hereby a[u]thorised if required by any one. to weigh, measure, try and examine all butter lard, fruit and other articles of provision, offered for sale in lump, parcels or tubs, or other vessels or vessels and all weights and measures or other articles in said market, and in case the same are less than <​the​> required weight or measure, then to seize the butter lard weights or measures or other articles aforesaid So found deficient, and sell the same <​at auction and pay the avails <​thereof​> into the City treasury​> Provided That the owner of the article or articles so siezed may <​appeal to the Mayor of the who shall hear, try and determine <​the same,​>​> making such disposition of the matter as he shall deem just and right in the premises The Market Master shall do and perform all things belonging to the office of clerk of Markets or market Masters within this He shall enforce obediance to all rules and regulations herein contained, and to such others as from time to time shall be ordained respecting the market, he shall prevent all unsound and unwholesome provisions from being sold or expensed for sale, by seizing the same and making such desposition thereof as the Mayor [p. [4]] shall order or direct; and shall try all seals weights and measures used in market and shall enforce the payment and recovery of all penalties and forfeitures which by any law or ordinance are inflicted on any person offending aganst the rules and regulations of the market and shall decide all disputes that may arise between buyer and seller touching the weight measure or quality of things bought and sold.
sec 11 That the market aforesaid shall be open of a morning at daylight, and during summer months shall close at 11 oclock in the morning and in the winter at one oclock afternoon each market day Nothing herein contained shall prohibit the butchers from opening market and selling meats between sunset and nine oclock at night to vessels steamboats. and also selling to citizens every saturday night to ten oclock at night if they shall think necessary
Joseph Smith Mayor
<​passed feb.y. 25th. 1843.​>
<​, Recorder.​> [p. [5]]
feb.y. 25th. 1843.—
Ordinance concerning a Market on Main Street.—
1200 Words [p. [6]]


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