Bill from William Law and Others, circa 30 January 1843

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An Ordinance in relation to Interments.
Sec. 1.— Be it Ordained by the City Council of the City of , that all Graves for the interment of human Bodies in the burying ground or grounds belonging to the City of , shall be dug fully six feet deep from the surface, and in covering the same it shall be left well filled, <​and raised​> up, and rounded upon the top, and the Sexton <​shall​> receive <​the sum of one Dollar & fifty Cents <​the sum of Two Dollars​>​> for digging the grave <​& interring the Body​> of every graves Person, <​over the age of twelve years​> and the sum of one Dollar for the like services for each Person not more than twelve years of age, and shall keep a regular record thereof in a Book set apart for that purpose, as hereinafter set forth.
Sec. 2. All Any Persons who have has not procured a lot or place in the burying ground <​or gro​>, and who wishes to dig <​one or <​a​> more​> a grave, & inter <​Bodies​> Persons therein without the assistance of the Sexton, shall call upon the Sexton, whose <​study it shall be to​> hereby required to go and point out the place where such interment shall be made, for which he shall receive the sum of twenty five Cents.
Sec. 3. Any Person having a lot or place in the burying Ground may [p. [1]] may inter their dead without the assistance of the Sexton, and they are hereby required to make a due return to the Sexton of each Case of interment so made, within three days thereafter.
Sec. 4. The City Sexton <​shall​> is hereby keep a Book of Record in which he shall record the names and ages of <​all​> the persons deceased, <​coming to his knowledge,​> & the nature of the diseases of which they died, and to enable him the <​better​> so to do, he is to procure such information as he may require from the Persons referred to in Section two (2,) of this Ordinance, and he shall <​also​> make a weekly report for publication, to the Editor of some newspaper published in this , for which services, he is to receive the sum of five Cents for each Person deceased, to be paid <​annually​> out of the City Treasury, upon an Order made by the <​City​> Council for that purpose.
Sec. 5. Should the City Sexton be unable to procure his pay from the relatives <​or assetts​> of the Deceased, or from the Overseers of the Poor, upon subs[t]antiating these facts to the satisfaction of the City Council, he shall receive pay therefor out of the City Treasury.
Sec. 6.— Any [p. [2]]
Sec. 6. Any Person <​acting in​> violating violation <​of​> this Ordinance, repecting the manner and Order of Interments, shall be fined in [a]ny Sum not exceeding fifty Dollars, to be <​recovered before the Mayor of <​or​> Alderman of this ,​> at their discretion. of the Court before
Sec. 7. This Ordinance to take effect, and be in force from and after its passage. all laws or ordinances to the Contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding.
Joseph Smith, Mayor.
passed Jan.y. 30th. 1843.
, Recorder.
The Committee on Claims would respectfully submit the foregoing ordinance to the consideration of the Council
<​passed.​> [p. [3]]
Jan.y. 30th. 1843.
An Ordinance in relation to interments [p. [4]]


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