Blessing to Benjamin Winchester, 1 March 1835

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You are a child. Your mind is yet tender, therefore, you are not of mature age to go forth, but we secure unto you the holy ministry. You shall yet, if faithful be . You will live in a day of great howling and mourning among the nations. You shall [have?] power to be a comforter of many, and teach them the way of life, and tell them of a land of safety, and will hear you and you shall push many people to . And if you desire it with all your heart you shall stand upon the earth when the Saviour comes and reign with him in glory after he comes. but if you desire it you shall be taken as Enoch Elijah, Even so, Amen. [p. 183]


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    Benjamin Winchester was the son of Stephen Winchester. He and his father both went on the Camp of Israel expedition. Benjamin was born on 6 August 1817, making him seventeen at this time. (Whittaker, “East of Nauvoo,” 32–35.)  

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