Blessing to Brigham Young, 14 February 1835

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The blessing of was as follows, That he should be strong in Body, that he may go forth and gather the Elect preparatory to the great day of the coming of the Lord, and that he might be strong and mighty declaring the tidings to nations that know not God, that he may add ten talents, that he may come to with many sheaves. He shall go forth from land to land and from sea to sea. and shall behold Heavenly Messengers going forth, & his life shall be prolonged, and the Holy Priesthood is confirmed upon thee, that he may do wonders in the name of Jesus, that he may cast out Devils, heal the sick, raise the dead, open the eyes of the blind, go forth from land to land and from sea to sea, and that heathen nations shall not even call him God himself, if he did not rebuke them. [p. 150]


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