Blessing to Ezra Thayer, 1 March 1835

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Blessed thou art and blessed shalt thou be for thou art one of the You shall go to the nations and teach them in their own tongues, the things of the Kingdom. You shall be delivered from all your enemies and go and preach from land to land. and you shall yet have all the promises that the Lord has ever given in this church fulfilled. You shall Lead many to and yet you shall have rejoicings with your family and no man shall take your blessings Even so Amen. [p. 181]


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    Thayer was apparently a member of the Seventy for only a brief period. At a 2 May 1835 council, he was “suspended as an Elder”; the minutes of the meeting make no mention of his status as a seventy. However, when Cyrus Smalling was ordained a seventy, his ordination blessing stated that he would “stand in the office of elder Ezra Thayer, who by transgression fell.” An introduction to that blessing also said that Smalling was being ordained to the Seventy “in the place of Ezra Thayer.” (Minutes and Discourse, 2 May 1835; Ordination and Blessing of Cyrus Smalling, 30 June 1835.)