Blessing to Jedediah M. Grant, 28 February 1835

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s Blessing
You shall be made mighty in the name of your Redeemer. Your heart shall be filled with perfect love. You shall be made mighty like Enoch You shall be preserved from the ravages of wild beasts, the roar of lions, and the arm of the destroyer. You shall have power to heal the sick and to smite the waters. And you shall not sleep in the Earth; but do great things in the name of God. You shall teach the Gentiles in their own tongues the peaceable things of the Kingdom. You shall return to in a good old age with an army of Saints composed of many kindreds and tongues You shall be called the son of consolation You shall be a counsellor in the house of God,— amen. [p. 167]


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    See Acts 4:36–37.