Blessing to Joseph Kingsbury, 23 March 1843

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I Lay my hands upon thy head in the name of Jesus Christ to bestow upon the[e] a Patriarkle Blessing according to the Power and authority of the Holy Priesthood vested in me I Say unto thee thou Shalt Be Blessed with <​the​> Good things of this wourld abundently in thy Lifetime and I Seal the[e] up to come forth in the first reserection unto Eternal Life— [p. 14] And thy Companion Caroline [Whitney Kingsbury] who is now dead thou Shalt have in the first Reserection for I Seal thee up for and in her behalf to Come forth in the first Reserection unto Eternal lives (and it Shall be as though She was present herself) and thou Shalt hail her and She Shall be thine and no one Shall have power to take her from thee, And you both Shall be crowned and enthrowned to dwell together in a Kingdom in the Celestial Glory in the presents of God, And you Shall Enjoy each other Society & Embraces in all the fulness of the Gospell of Jesus Christ wourls [worlds] without End And I Seal these blessings upon thee and for thy Companion in the Name of Jesus Christ for thou Shalt receive [p. 15] the holy anointing & Endewment in this Life to prepare you for all these blessings Even So Amen [p. 16]