Blessing to Levi Gifford, 1 March 1835

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Live [Levi] Gifford’s Blessing
You are a strange kind of a man. curious spirits trouble you, but in the name of the Lord Jesus we rebuke all the evil Spirits that have troubled you, and say to you that you shall overcome them You shall have power to show the simplicity and truth of the Gospel, and you shall have a peculiar gift to speak in other tongues and convince many. You shall be equal to your brethren in this Ministry, You shall be much persecuted but if your faith fail not, you shall return in peace. Even so Amen. [p. 170]


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    Levi Gifford (1789–1860) was born in Massachusetts and baptized into the church in June 1831 in Kirtland, Ohio. In fall 1833, he moved to Kirtland. He later recalled that he was ordained a seventy by JS and Hyrum Smith. (Amos Gustin, Moroni, Utah Territory, to George A. Smith, 19 Mar. 1860, Obituary Notices and Biographies, CHL.)  

    Obituary Notices and Biographies, 1854–1877. CHL. MS 4760.

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    See Luke 22:32.