Blessing to Lyman Sherman, 28 February 1835

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s Blessing
Your ministry shall be great and you shall proclaim to various nations. Your faith shall be unshaken and you shall be delivered from great afflictions. You shall travel much and have power over evils and evil powers. You are a chosen vessel of the Lord, You shall be called a son of thunder, You shall receive many scourgings from the wicked but they shall not kill you, but they chase and you shall hide from them and be delivered. Your eyes are doomed to see desolations great & wonderful. You shall lead a flock to from the abodes of poverty. You shall return to the society of your family and that shall be a scene of rejoicing. You shall teach in ten different tongues. The wicked shall yet stone you and leave you for dead, but you shall be restored & do great Good. <​Amen​> [p. 167]


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