Bond from Adolphus Allen, 17 September 1841

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<​ To J Smith​>
<​Recorded August 3 1842​>
<​For assignment of this mortgage see Book No 3 of Bond & mortgages page 293​>
Be it known that I of Des Moins in & State of am held and firmly bound unto Joseph Smith of in & aforesaid in the penal Sum of Five Thousand Dollars, hereby binding my heirs Eexecutors, administrators & assigns firmly by these presents Sealed with my seal & dated this 17th day of September AD 1841
The Conditions of the above bond are such, that whereas the Said hath this day authorised the said Joseph Smith to redeem the west half of the North West quarter of Section five in Township five North & Range eight West of & the North West quarter of the South East quarter of Section Six in Township five North & Range Eight west of the 4th principal Miridian— Now if the said Smith does well and truly redeam Said Land as specified that then the Said agrees, and hereby binds himself that when ever he redemes receives the patent for said Land from the General Government he will [p. 266] Make & execute to the said Joseph Smith his heirs or assigns a good and Sufficient Warranty Deed of & to the said premises, in which case this Bond Shall Cease determin & become void. Otherwise to be and remain in full force & virtue
The Penal sum being altered from one to two Thousand dollars before the signing & delivery hereof
Witness Present)
<​Fee 75​> The amount Contemplated in this Bond is $687.66 cts The cost of Judgment, and Sheriff to be added as well as the interest accruing as set forth in a certificate from the Cir. Ct. which is herewith filed
Witness Present)
) [p. 267]


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