Bond from Erie Rhodes, 16 September 1841, as Recorded in Bonds and Mortgages

Document Transcript

E[rie] Rhodes To J. Smith
Recorded 18th April 1842
Know all men by these Presents that I Erie Rhodes of the County of and State of am held and firmly bound unto Joseph Smith of the and aforesaid in the penal sum of three thousand Dollars for the payment of which well and truly to be made I bind myself my heirs, Executors and Administrators firmly by these presents. Now the Conditions of the above obligation is Such, that whereas the said Erie Rhodes, has this day sold unto the said Joseph Smith one hundred and fifty three and one half acres of Land at ten dollars per acre lyind and being in the County of and aforesaid, as follows to wit. One hundred and twentynine and a half of the north East Quarter of Section Eight, in township six north. Range Eight west of the principal meredian Also twenty four acres in the south west corner of the North west quarter of section nine. Township and Range as above and am to receive in payment for the same, fifteen hundred and thirty five dollars in manner following to Wit One hundred <​dollars​> in hand the Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged Two hundred on the sixth day of October next Seven hundred dollars payable on the first day of November next and the remainder of Five hundred and thirty five dollars on the first day of may next all bearing interest interest from the date hereof as expressed in the several notes given Now if the said Joseph Smith his heirs executors or administrators Shall well and truly pay or cause to be paid the amount of said notes, with such interest as may accrue thereon, according to the tenor and effect thereof, the said Erie Rhodes binds himself his heirs and executors and administrators to make or cause to be made to the said Joseph Smith his heirs and assigns, a good and sufficient Warranty— for the above described land: and then this Bond to [p. 228] Become null and void, Otherwise to be and remain in full force and value Given under my hand and seal this sixteenth day of september in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and forty one
Erie Rhodes LS
In presence of
P. S. It is the express understanding that should the within Land not hould out according to the number of acres therein described, the said Rhodes is to refund at the rate of ten dollars per acre for all that it may <​fall​> short and should it over run the same is to be made up at the same rates by the said Smith
Erie Rhodes Seal
Know all men by these presents that I Joseph Smith of the County of & state of , party of the second part of the within instrument, for myself my heirs executors & administrators assign all my right, title & interest to the within Instrument & by these presents & Convey the same to Joseph smith as trustee in trust of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints for & in consideration of a Just and equitable settlement of all matters & things existing between myself in person & the Church which I represent In witness where of I have hereunto sit my hand and seal at this 10th day of october A D 1841
Joseph Smith
In presence of
<​Received 11th 2nd 1842​> on the within Bond Eleven hundred and twelve <​Dollars​> & fifteen cents in full for said Bond, the Last note mentioned within not being given up— but Paid
H J Rhodes agent for Hugh. Rhodes A. D. M
Fee $1.12½ [p. 229]


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    TEXT: “LS” (locus sigilli, Latin for “location of the seal”) enclosed in a hand-drawn representation of a seal.  

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    TEXT: “Seal” enclosed in a hand-drawn representation of a seal.