Bond from Horace Hotchkiss, 12 August 1839–A

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to Joseph Smith &
Bond for Deed
Know all men by these presents that I of the City and County of and State of Connecticut for the Consideration herein after mentioned have this day sold and I do hereby bargain sell and confirm unto Joseph Smith Jr and all of Hancock County and State of Illinois and further agree and bind myself to give unto the said & Smiths a full indisputable & perfect title to the following property namely the North half of the North East quarter of Section number two in township Number Six North and Range number nine West of the fourth principal Meridian (Reserving therefrom four Rods Square Deeded to Mrs Cutler for her husbands grave) also the south East fractional quarter of Section thirty five in township Seven North and Range nine West of the fourth principal meridian Also the West half of the South West quarter of Section thirty six in township Seven North and in Range nine West of the fourth principal Meridian— Also the South West fractional quarter of section number thirty five in township Seven North and in Range nine West of the fourth principal Meridian also the North East fractional quarter Section number thirty five in township number Seven and in Range nine West of the fourth principal Meridian Reserving from the above property in this sale the following Lots as described in Alex Whites survey of the town of and Recorded upon the Records at to wit;— Lots 3— 4— 7 and 8 in block 3. Lot 4 in block 4. Lots 1— and 4 in block 5. Lots 2— 7 and 8 in Block 6. Lot 8 in block 10. Lots 1— 2— 3— 5— 7 and 8 in block 11 Lots 1— 2 and 3 in block 12 Lots 1— 2— 3 and 4 in block 13 also Lots 2— 3— 6 & 7 in block 14. and for the above property I have received as a consideration the following Notes namely Two Notes for twenty five thousand Dollars each payable in twenty year and forty Notes of Fifteen hundred Dollars each two of which are payable every twelve months for twenty years one half of the whole being drawn to my own order and the other half to the order of and amounting to the sum of One hundred And Ten Thousand Dollars and dated this 12th day of Augt. 1839
Now if the said and Smiths shall pay or cause to be paid the aforesaid Notes according to their tenor then I do hereby bind myself my heirs executors administrators and assigns to deliver the said and Smiths or their assigns a perfect Absolute and Warrantee Deed of all the property described in this instrument (except the specific reservations) together with all the buildings and the appurtenances in any way thereunto belonging
<​Fee $1.​> In Witness Whereof I have this 12th day of August 1839 set my hand and Seal
Recorded 4th Sept 1839
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    Probably Mary Ann Munson Cutler Whitney, who became postmistress of Commerce in 1834 after the death of her first husband, George Y. Cutler. She married Daniel G. Whitney in August 1838. (Munson, Munson Record, 810–811; Obituary for Mary Ann Munson Whitney, Quincy [IL] Whig, 10 July 1844, [3]; Blum, Nauvoo, 4.)  

    Munson, Myron A. The Munson Record: A Genealogical and Biographical Account of Captain Thomas Munson (a Pioneer of Hartford and New Haven) and His Descendants. Vol. 2. New Haven, CT: Munson Association, 1895.

    Quincy Whig. Quincy, IL. 1838–1856.

    Blum, Ida. Nauvoo—an American Heritage. Carthage, IL: By the author, 1969.

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    A section comprised 640 acres; a quarter section, 160 acres; a half of a quarter section, 80 acres. The term fractional quarter indicated that the acreage of the parcel was less than the standard 160 acres.  

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    Hancock Co., IL, Plat Books, 1836–1938, vol. 1, pp. 10–11, 24 May 1834, microfilm 954,774, U.S. and Canada Record Collection, FHL. The Commerce plat was commissioned by Alexander White and Joseph B. Teas; the survey was performed by John Johnston.  

    U.S. and Canada Record Collection. FHL.

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    The fee was probably for entering the bond into the Hancock County record book.