Bond to Isaac Davis, 11 April 1840

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For and in consideration of the sum of Five hundred and Sixty dollars to me in hand by Isaac Davis of the County of and State of the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged. I Joseph Smith Jr of the and aforesaid do hereby obligate myself my heirs executors administrators and assigns to make and execute a good and sufficient deed for four hundred and forty eight acres of land Situated lying and being in the Territory of and being in the Sac and Fox in of said
The said Joseph Smith Jr likewise obligates himself his heirs executors adminstrators and assigns to make and execute a good and sufficient deed for four hundred acres of land in addition to the above four hundred and forty eight acres in consideration of the <​sum of​> Five hundred dollars to and by the said Isaac Davis to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for which he holds a mortgage from provided he gives up to the me the said Mortgage and <​note attending said mortgage​> the last mentioned lands to be situated in the County of and Territory of as aforesaid
And for the performance of this obligation I bind my self my heirs executors and assigns in the sum of Two thousand dollars
Given under my hand and seal this eleventh day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty
Joseph Smith Jr—. LS
Acknowledged in presence of
[p. [1]]
BOND from Joseph Smith Jr to Isaac Davis
The within I hereby acknowedge to be fully satisfied & dilivered up.
June 16th 1841
Isaac Davis [p. [2]]


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    Signature of JS.  

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    TEXT: “LS” enclosed in a hand-drawn representation of a seal.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Robert B. Thompson.  

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    Notation in unidentified handwriting.  

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    Signature of Isaac Davis.