Certificate from Joshua Seixas, 30 March 1836

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Mr Joseph Smith Junr has attended a full course of under my tuition; & has been indefatigable in acquiring the principles of the sacred language of the Old Testament Scriptures in their original tongue. He has so far accomplished a knowledge of it, that he is able to translate to my entire satisfaction; & by prosecuting the study he will be able to become a proficient in Hebrew. I take this opportunity of thanking him for his industry, & his marked kindness towards me
Ohio March 30th 1836 [1/3 page blank] [p. [1]]
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    Concerning his study of Hebrew, JS’s 17 February 1836 journal entry notes, “Read and translated with my class as usual, and my soul delights in reading the word of the Lord in the original, and I am determined to persue the study of languages untill I shall become master of them.” (JS, Journal, 17 Feb. 1836.)  

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    Docketing in handwriting of Warren Parrish.  

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    Docketing in handwriting of Joshua Seixas.