Certiorari, 30 September 1843 [Dana v. Brink]

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State of Illinois) SS. [scilicet]
The People of the State of To Joseph Smith, Esq, Mayor of the City of in the & aforesaid Greeting;
Whereas, it has been represented by in the Case of Against in an action of , lately— pending before you,
And Whereas the Said has prayed for and obtained an Appeal befor the Judge of our Circuit Court within and for said
You are therefore hereby Commanded that you do forthwith, without Excuse or delay transmit to the Said Circuit Court at all the papers as the Same remain in your office or Custody without addition or diminution to the end that Speedy Justice may be done in the premises, according to law, whereof you are in no wise to fail under the penalty of the law, and Send you also this writ.
Witness Clerk of the Said Circuit Court at this 30th. day of September A. D. 1843
, Clk [p. [1]]
vs) writ of
To Joseph Smith Esqr Mayor of the City of ——
I have Served the within writ by delivering the Same to the within named Joseph Smith, Mayor &c this fifth day of October A. D. 1843
Serving writ 50
Returning Same 12½
20 Miles Travel 1.25
Shff, [p. [2]]


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    Docket and notations in handwriting of Jacob B. Backenstos.  

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    Signature of William Backenstos.