Complaint, 1 December 1842 [City of Nauvoo v. Davis for Assault]

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State of Illinois)
Hancock County—) ss
at City of )
William C. Walker complains on oath to Joseph Smith, Mayer of Said again[s]t for assault & Battery & <​At​> violating the house of <​said​> on the 1st day of December 1842—— Also for violating the Ordinances of the City of , & prays that the said may be held to answer to said complain, before the Mayer of Said city of
Dec 1, 1842
Wm. C. Walker.
Personally appeared Willim C. Walker & made oath that the forego[i]ng complaint is true according to the best of his Knowlege & belief before me—
Joseph Smith
Mayer— of City of
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    Signature of William C. Walker.  

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    Signature of JS.  

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    Endorsement in handwriting of James Sloan.