Complaint, 2 December 1842 [City of Nauvoo v. Davis for Assault]

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State of Illinois)
Hancock County)
City of )
Personly appeared before me Joseph Smith Mayor of said , Wm. C. Walker who being first duly sworn according to law deposes and says that on or about the of Dec 1842 indecent and unbecoming language and behavior was used towards him contrary to the Ordinance of said in such cases made and provided; and further said deponant says that one is guilty of the facts above charged, and further this deponent saith not.
Wm C. Walker
Given under
Sworn to and subscribed, before me this 2d day of Dec AD 1842
Joseph Smith
Mayor of said
/Entd/ [p. [1]]


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    Signature of William C. Walker.  

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    Signature of JS.  

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    TEXT: “L.S.” (locus sigilli, Latin for “location of the seal”) enclosed in a hand-drawn representation of a seal.  

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    Endorsement in handwriting of James Sloan.