Complaint, 28 November 1842 [City of Nauvoo v. Hunter]

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State of Illinois) SS.
City of )
Before me , one of the Aldermen, and Justice of the peace for said , personally came Joseph Smith, who, being duly sworn according to law, deposeth and Saith, that he has been informed and believes that on or about the 26th. Instant one <​Thomas​> J. B. Hunter of said did commit a breach of an Ordinance of said entitled “an Ordinance concerning Vagrants and disorderly Persons”, by making statements that Deponent was an imposter and a swindler, and that the whole Mormon concern was a swindle machine, which had a tendency to injure my reputation, which is contrary to the <​said​> Ordinance as Deponent believes, and, this Deponent further, saith not.
Joseph Smith
Sworn to, and subscribed before me, in the aforesaid, this 28th. day of Novr. 1842.—
Alderman of the City of . [p. [1]]
Novr. 28th. 1842.
City of ) Complaint, on Oath of Joseph Smith.
Thomas J. Hunter)
No 74
Filed Feby 28th 1843
By M[atthias] Avise D.C. [p. [2]]


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