Deed to Horace Eldredge, 30 January 1844

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J Smith as Mayor of the city of To
Recorded 6th May 1846
This Indenture made and entered into this Thirtieth Day of January in the Year of Our Lord, One thousand Eight hundred and forty four Between Joseph Smith Mayor of the City of in the County of and State of of the One part and of the and aforesaid, of the other part Witnesseth, that the Said Joseph Smith as Mayor by order of the City Council of Said for and in consideration of the Sum of One Dollar to him in hand paid, the Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, Does hereby, Grant bargain, Sell convey and Confirm unto the Said his heirs and assigns forever all that tract or parcel of land situate and being in the County of in the State of viz a certain portion of land in the City of Beginning at a point [p. [60]] 130 feet South of the N E corner of Lot. No. 4, in Block No 151. thence North 72 degrees West 12 rods and 20½ Links to a post Thence South. 50 feet, to high Water mark thence South 72 degrees East 12 Rods and 20½ Links thence north 50 feet to the place of Begining. Containing thirty Seven Rods of Ground be the same more or less Together with all and Singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging, or in anywise appertaining To have and to hold the above described premises unto the Said his heirs and assigns forever And the Said Joseph Smith as Mayor his Successors or assigns the aforesaid premises unto the Said his heirs and assigns against the claim or claims of all and evey person Whomsoever Do and will Warrant, and forever by these presents Defend In Testimony whereof the Said Joseph Smith of the first part has hereunto Set his hand and Seal the Day and Year above written
Joseph Smith Mayor Ls
Signed Sealed and delivered in presence of . M. C.
State of Illinois) Ss
City of )
Hancock County)
I Recorder of Said in Said do Certify that as Clerk of the Mayors Court whose Signature appears to the foregoing Deed, and who is personally known to me to be the person described in, and who executed the Said conveyance for the uses and purposes therein mentioned
Given under my hand and Seal this thirtieth day of January in the year of Our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and forty four
Recorder [p. [61]]