Deposition, 26 February 1844 [City of Nauvoo v. Bostwick]

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City of
Tistimony of — before Recorder of said . for use of Mayors Court taken Feb 26. 1844,
Sworn— saith.— one day last week, in co with <​​>,— he came said he was at the prophets, last weeke & the prophet asked him if he thought he had any spiritual wives? I told no! I did not think know you he had any, but I know by God that your Brother has, then turned to him— not knowing his name— & said do you believe that has got any of those spiritual wives? <​​> said, Yes, by God I believe he has, and can sleep with three or four every night.— insisted to know who they were as he could not fellowship such work? Said <​​>, they are all over the by God.— said he did not believe it, <​​> said he could take half a bushel of meal, and get what accommodation he wanted with almost any woman in the . I know of one, a widow woman who had <​has​> got her living that way for one or two years and has had no other way of getting her living.— that there were a number of English women in the beyond the who got their living in that way, and women of good standing in the Church too.— ins[is]ted he to have him tell him where the women lived, & said he would soon tell whether they were in good standing in the Church or not.— refused to tell the names of any women, but went onto tell of a young woman he knew— at the east, who joined the church and came [p. [1]] on here,— and was taken sick last summer or winter.— & was sent for to lay hands on her.— and since that time she was a damned whore, that any man who would go there could be acommodated with whatever he wanted, that had known her from, a child and <​that she​> was a vitieous [virtuous] woman till the time that administe[re]d, to her.— and further saith not
I herby certify <​that was sworn by me​> that the foregoing Testimony was written by myself in presence of Council for both parties this 26 day of February, 1844— and that the is sick and unable to sign his name—,
— Recorder of the City of [p. [2]]