Discourse, 10 March 1844, as Reported by Thomas Bullock

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went to the temple Joseph & spoke— Joseph spoke on the Spirit of Elias— the Spirit of Elijah and the Spirit of Messiah— the Spirit of Elias is a forerunner same as John the Baptist— the Spirit of Elijah is the sealing power— to seal the hearts of the Fathers to the children— and the children to the Parents— as Paul declared that the Saints of the last days could not be perfect without them— neither can they be perfect without us— the Spirit of Messiah is all power in Heaven and in Earth— Enthroned in the Heavens as King of Kings and Lord of Lords—
the Rainbow is a sign for seed time and harvest when the Rainbow is not to be seen— it is a sign of the commencement of famine— & pestilence &c &c and that the coming of the Messiah is not far distant— the Messiah will not come this year— upsets Millerites the Messiah will not come for 40 years— and he told the people to write it— a very large & attentive congregation— [p. [3]]