Discourse, 11 June 1843–A, as Reported by Willard Richards

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Matt. 23.37.
Subject presented me since I came in this house.——
I a rough stone. the sound of the hammer & chisel was never hea[r]d on me. nor never will be. I desire the learning & wisdom of heaven alone.
Have not the least idea but if Christ should come and preach such rough thi[n]gs as he preahd [preached] to the Jews. but this generati[o]n would reject reject him for b[e]ing so rough. I never can find much to say in expou[n]ding a text. [p. [240]]
never is half so much fuss to unlock a door if you have a key an[d] wh[e]n you have not. or have to cut it out with a jack knife.—
O. Jerusalem &c.— whenc[e] arises the curse of Almighty God that was to be pourd out up[o]n the heads of the jews? That they would not be gathe[re]d! beca[u]se they would not let Ch[r]ist gather them. It was the design in the cou[n]cils of heaven before the world was. that the pri[n]ciple & law of that pri[e]sthood was predicated up[o]n the gathe[rin]g of the people in every age of the world. Jesus did every thing possible to gather the people. & th[e]y would not be gathered [p. [241]] and he poured out curses up[o]n the[m] Ordinances were instituted in hevan before the f[o]undation of the world of in the pri[e]sthood. for the salvati[o]n of man. not be alterd. not to be changed.— all must be saved upon the same principle.
that is only your opin[i]on sir— say sectarians.— when a man will go to hell. it is more than my meat & drink to help them to do as they want to.
where there is no change of pri[e]sthood there is no change of ordina[n]ces says peter Paul, If God has not changed the ordinances & pri[e]sthood. howl ye [p. [242]] sectarians. if he has where has he revealed it. have ye turnd revelators? then why deny it?
men have thought many things insutabl [inscrutable] in the last days. that he should raise the dead.
Things have been hid from before the foundation of the [world] to be reveald in to babes in the last days.—
there are a great ma[n]y wise men & women to[o] in our midst to[o] wise to be taught. & they mu[s]t die in their ignoranc[e] and in the resurrection they will find their mistake.
many seal up to the door of heaven by saying so far god may reveal I & I [p. [243]] will believe.— heirs of God. &c. upon the same laws ordinance &c of Jesus Ch[r]ist. & he who will not have it all will come short. of that glory if not of the whole.
ordinnc [ordinance] of the baptism. god decreed before the fundatin [foundation] of the wo[r]ld that this baptism sho[u]ld be perfmd [performed] in a house prepard for the purpose.—
Spirits of prison. the Holy Gho[s]t rev[e]als it. Spi[r]its in the wo[r]ld of prison Spi[ri]ts.— which Jesus went to preach to. God ordaind that he who would save his dead should do it by gath[er]ing togethr [p. [244]] as with the jews . . . — . . . It always has been when a man was sent of good [God] with the Prethood [priesthood]. & he began to preach the fulness of the gospel. that was thut [thrust] out by his fri[e]nds.—— and they are ready to but[c]her him if he teach things which th[e]y had imagind to be wrong.— Jesus was crucifi[e]d upon this principle—
I will turn linguist. ma[n]y things in the bible. whi[c]h do not. as th[e]y now stand. accord with the revelati[o]n of th[e] holy Gho[s]t to me.—
Par[a]dise. “this day thou sha[l]t be with me in paradise.[”] Paradise. Modern word.— dont answer to the original word used by Jesus.— [p. [245]]
find the origin of Paradise. find a needle in a hay mow.— here is a chance for a battle ye lear[ne]d man,— Said Jesus. for there is not time to invstigat [investigate] this m[a]tter. for this day I <​You​> will be with you me in the wor[l]d of Spi[ri]ts. & there I will teach you all about it.— & Peter says he went & preachd to the wo[r]ld of spi[r]its. so that they wo[u]ld receive it could have it answerd by proxig [proxy] by those who live on the earth &c—
gathe[re]d you for baptism for the dead washing anoitigs [anointings] &c.— say said. Jesus to Jews. At one time God obtaind a hou[s]e where Peter was endowd. &c on th[e] day of [p. [246]] pentecost.— [blank] criticese [criticize] a little further Hell.— modern term. bur[n]ing lake of fire and Brimstone. I wou[l]d make you think I was climbing a ladder when I I was climbing a rainbow.— who ever reveald it. God never did.— Hades. I will hunt after Hades as pat did for woodchu[c]k. Shaol— who are you? God reveals. means a world of spi[r]its.—— I dont they thi[n]k so says one. go to my hous[e]— I will take my lexi[c]on— &c—
a world of departed spir[i]ts. disembodi[e]d spir[i]ts all go.— good bad & indif[fer]ent— ″ [spirits] misery in a world of spi[ri]ts is to know th[e]y came short of the glory othe[r]s enjoy— th[e]y are their own accusers [p. [247]] one universal heaven— & hell— &c says one, honorable & virtuo[u]s. & whoremonger— all hudld together.— judged according to deeds done in the body— shame— shame— thus we can [tithe] mint & annice & cumin and [make] long praye[r]s. but touch not the law, as Peter tells us.—
Paul says caught up to 3d heaven, what tell that Lie for Paul.—
sun moon & stars—
many mansions—
all one say Sectarians.—
They build hay wood & stubble, build on the old revelati[o]ns— with[o]ut the spi[r]it of Revelati[o]n or Pr[i]esthood. if I had time I would dig into [p. [248]] Hell. Hades. Shaol.— & tell what exists.—
Heaven of Heavens could not contain. him.— he took the liberty to go into other heavens.— I thought—
Fathe[r]— Son & H. Gho[s]t. all stuck into one person.—— I pray for them. fathr that we may be one— all stuffed into one God—— a big God.
Peter— Steph[e]n— saw the Son of Man saw the son of man standi[n]g on the right hand of God.— 3 personages— in heavn who hold the keys.— one to preside over all.
If any mans attempt to refute. what I am about to say after I have made [p. [249]] it plain let him be accursd. As the fathr hath power in himself so hath the son power in hims[e]lf to lay down his life.—
the son doeth what he hath seen the fath[er] do.— &c—— take his body & stuff it into the fathr.
gods have over an ascenden[c]y over the angels angels remain angels.— some are resurrected to become gods by such revelations as god gives in the mo[s]t holy place.— in his temple. let them who are owing tythig [tithing] pay it up.— & bring stone.—
what did [say?]— [“]if those who [p. [250]] are owing would bring stone we could get the walls to the roof this fall as easy as to let it down—” [p. [251]]