Discourse, 13 August 1843–A, as Reported by Willard Richards

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2.d Peter 3.d C[hapter]. 11 10. 11. v—— Text said he was not like other men his mind was continually occ[u]pied with the business of the day. and he had to depend entirely upon the living god for evrey thing he said on such occasions.
The great thing for us to know is to comprehe[n]d what. God did institute before the fou[n]dation of the world.—— Who knows it?
It is the constitutional disposition of mankind to set up stakes & set bou[n]ds [p. [44]] to the works and ways of the Almighty.
we are calld this mourn thies mo[r]ning the death of a good man a great man & a m[i]ghty man—
It is a Sol[e]mn idea that man has no hope of seeing a frie[n]d after he has lost him. but I will give you a more painful thought— the thought is simple and I never design to communicate no ideas but what are simple for to this end I am sent.— suppose we have an idea of a resurrection. &c &c and yet know nothiing at all of the gospel and could not comprehend one principle [p. [45]] of the order of heavn. but found yourselves disappo[i]nted. yes. at last find yourselves disappointed in evrey hope or antiicipation when decis[i]on goes forth from the lips of the Almighty at last. would not this be a gre[a]ter disappotmt [disappointment]. a more painful thought than annihilat[i]on
had I inspiartion [inspiration], Revelation & lungs to communicate what my soul has contemplated in times <​past​> there is not a soul in this congregation but would go to their hom[e]s & shut their mouths in everlasting silnece [silence] on religin, till. they had learnd somethi[n]g. [p. [46]]
why be so certain that you comprehend the things of God. when all things with you are so uncertain.
you are welcome to all the knowledge &
I do not grudge the world of all the religion— the[y] have got.— they are welc[o]me to all the knowledge th[e]y possess—
the sound saluted my ears. we are come unto Mt. Zion. &c.
what could propet [profit] us to come unto the spirits of Just met [men] but to learn. and come to the knowledge of spi[ri]ts of the Just.
where has gone?— who is there that would not give all his goods to feed the poor— & pour out [p. [47]] his gold & silver. to the four winds. to come where has gone.—
that which hath been hid from before the fo[u]ndations of the w[o]rld. [illegible] reveald to babes and sucklings in the last days.—
The wo[r]ld is reserved unto burni[n]g in the last days—— he shall send Elijah the prophet . . . and he shall reveal the covenants of the fathrs <​in relation​> to the childrn,— <​originally written—​> and the childrn and the covena[n]ts of th[e] childr[en] in relati[o]n to the fathrs.—
4 destroying angels holding power ove[r] the 4 qua[r]ters of the earth— u[n]til the [p. [48]] the se[r]vants of God are seald in their foreheads.— what is that seal. shall I tell you? know No.—
Doctrine Election.—— sealing. <​of the sevats [servants] of our god​> on their the top of their heads.— tis the not the cross as the catholi[c]s would have it. doctrine of Electi[o]n to Abraham was in the relation to the Lord.— A man wishes to be embraced in the covena[n]t of Abraham— a man —— in world.— of spir[i]ts—
is sealed unto the throne, & doctrine of Electi[o]n sealing the father & childrn together. [p. [49]]
to the mou[r]ner. do as the husband and the father would inst[r]uct you. & you shall be reunited.—
I have been acquited [acquainted] with a long time & I Never knew a more tender heartd man. [p. [50]]