Discourse, 13 August 1843–B, as Reported by Willard Richards

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Joseph. as Mayor inst[r]ucted the . to keep the Ladies camp ground clear of young men.
the city is enlarging. very fast. we have so many learned men in this city. & the height of knowledge is not to know enough to keep out out of the way. I have been feretted feretting out Grog. shops. groceries & beer barrels [p. [51]]
. of . who has exercised more despotic power over the inhibtants [inhabitants] of this & than any despot of the Eastern country. I met. he gave me some abusive language took up a stone to throw at me I siezd him by the throat to choke him off—
at the Election. <​on the hill th[e]y​> got a constable name of King— I dnt [don’t] know what need there was of a constable.
old Father Perry said why you cant vote in this precinct. King took me by that the collar to march [p. [52]] and told me to go away.
All our wronged wrongs have arisen under the power and authority of democra[c]y and I have swron [sworn] that I will this arm shall fall from my shoulder and. this tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth. before I will vote for them. unless they make me satisfacti[o]n I & I feel it sensibly.—
I was abused and neglected at the ground. <​and there was not a man in the crowd to say— this is Bro Joseph this is th[e] Mayor—​>
then spoke of the grog shops and the disturbance of the crowd in the street by Messoer’s [Moeser’s] grocery.
Warned the grog shops to be scarce after this time and the [p. [53]] peace officers to take notice of the grog shops and give him seasonable notice.
closed 20 mi[nutes]— 3 [p.m.]—
returnd and said he had forgottn one thing. we have had certain traders in this who have been writing falsehoods to . . . . there is a certain man in this city who has made a covena[n]t to bretray and give me up. and that too before commenced his persecution. <​this testim[on]y I have from gentlemn from abroad—— and I do not wish to give their names.— —​>
I most solmnly proclaim the withdrawal of my fellowship from this man, <​on the conditi[o]n that the foregoi[n]g be true—​>— and let the [p. [54]] Saints procla[i]m it abroad.
that he may no longer be acknowledges acknowledged as my counselor and that all who feel to sanction my proceedings— & views will manife[s]t it by uplifted hands & it was a unanimous vote that be disfellowed and his Licen[s]e dimanded.— [p. [55]]