Discourse, 15 October 1843, as Reported by Willard Richards

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It is one of the first principles of my life. & one that I have cultivated from my childhood. having been taught it of my father. to allow eve[r]y one the libe[r]ty of conscience. I am the greatest advocate of the C[onstitution] of there is there on the earth. in my feeling <​the​> only fault I can find with it is it is not broad enough to cover the whole ground.
I cannot beleive in any of the creeds of the diffe[re]nt denominati[o]n. because they all have some things in th[e]m I cannot subscribe to though all of them have some thuth [truth]. but I want to come up into the [p. [128]] presence of Good [God] & learn all things. but the creeds set up stakes & say hitherto shalt thou come & no further.— which I cannot subscribe to.
I beli[e]ve the bible, as it ought to be, as it came from the pen of the original writers. as it reads it repented the Lord that he had made man. and. also God is <​not​> a man that he should repent.— which I do not believe.— but it repented Noah. that God made man.— this I beli[e]ve. & then the other quotation stands fair.— if any man will prove to me by one passage of Holy writ. one item I beli[e]ve, to be false. I will renounc[e] it disclaim it far as I have promulged it.—
The first principles of the gospel as I believe. first Faith. Repentance. Baptism for the remission of sins. with the [p. [129]] promise of the Holy Ghost.
Heb 6th. contradictions “Leaving the principles of the doctrine. of c[h]rist.[”] if a man leave the principles of the doctrin of C[hrist] how can he be saved in the principles? a contradiction. I dont beli[e]ve it. I will render it. therefore not leaving the P[rinciples] of the doctrin of c[h]rist. &c. Resurrection of the dead & Eternal judgme[n]t.
one thing to see the kingdom. & another to be in it. must have a change of heart. to see the kingdom of Good [God]. & subs[c]ribe the articles of adoption to enter therein.
no man can <​not​> r[e]ceive the Holy Ghost without r[e]ceiving re[v]elations, The H. G. is a revelator. [p. [130]]
I propecy [prophesy] in the name of the Lord God anguish & wrath & trembulity & tribulati[o]n and the withdrawi[n]g of the spi[r]it of God await this genratin [generation]. until they are visited with utter dissolation. this generation is as corrupt as the geneatin [generation] of the Jews that crucified Christ. and if he were here to day. & should preach the same doctrin he did then they <​why​> they would crufing [crucify] him. I defy all the world. & I prophecy they never will overthrow me till I get ready
on. the economy of this .— I think there is to[o] ma[n]y mercha[n]ts among you more wool and raw materials. & the money be brought him to pay the poor [p. [131]] for manufutuing [manufacturing]— set our women to work & stop th[e]ir spinni[n]g street yarn and talking about spiritual wives.— Send <​your mon[e]y​> out in the country. get grain cattle flax.— &c
I proclaim in the name of the Lord god. that I will have nothing but virtue & integrigrity & uprightness.—
we cannot build up a city on merchadize [merchandise]. I would not run after the mercha[n]ts. I would sow a little flax if I had but a garden and.— lot.
the temporal economy of this peop[l]es should be to establish— manufating [manufacturing] and. not to take usurry. for his mony
I do not wa[n]t to bind the poor here [p. [132]] and starve. go out in the county and get food. & <​in​> cities— and gird up your loins— &c— be sober.
when you— get food retu[r]n if you have.— a mind. to.—
<​some say​> It is better, say some, to give the poor than build the .— the building of the . has keept the poor who were driven from from starving. as has been the best means for this obj[e]ct which could be devised
all ye rich men. of the Latter Day Saints.— from abroad I would invite to br[i]ng up some of their money. <​and give to the .​> we want Iron steell powdrs.— &c—
a good plan to get up a forge. bring in [p. [133]] raw materials. & manuutig [manufacturing] establishig establishme[n]t of all kinds.— surround the rapids—
I never stone stole the value of a pins head or a picayune in my life. & when you are hungry dont steal.— come to me & I will feed you.—
the secrets of masonry. is to keep a secret. it is good economy to entertain stager [strangers]. to entertain sectarians. come up ye sectarian pri[e]sts.— of the eve[r]lasting gospel, as th[e]y call. it & they shall have my pulpit all day.
wo to ye rich men. give to the poor. & then come and ask me for bread. away with all your meanness & be liberal wee need purging. purif[y]ing & cleansing you have— little faith in your elders [p. [134]] get some little simple remedy in the fi[r]st stages—— if you send for a Dr at all send in the first stages
all ye Drs.— who are fools not well read do not understand the human constitution. stop your practice.—
Lawyers who have no business only as you hatch up. would to God you would go to work & <​or​> run away. [p. [135]]