Discourse, 16 June 1844–A, as Reported by William McIntire

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he comenced By Reading Rev. 1st & 6 verse— “and hath made us kings & preists unto God & his father &c the He then prceeded to show the plurality of Gods By Refering to the 1st Jen.— [Genesis] as in the origanel Hebrew— that it Read that in the Begining the Head Gods organized the Earth & the heavens &—c and that God was a distinct [personage?] in [and?] of himself & the Son also was a distinct perso[n]age But in the image of the Father— and that the Holly Ghost was a personge of spirit without a Tabernicle— he quoted the 17th. of st John 20, 21, 22, 23 that the apostles & the Desciples may all agree in one— or be agreed in the one princepal as thou father & me are ag[r]eed—— Jesus said that all things that He saw the father do he did— and also the 82 psalm 1st verse God standith in the Congragations of the Mighty; he Judgeth among the Gods— [p. [21]]