Discourse, 16 May 1841, as Reported by Unidentified Scribe

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Remarks by Joseph May 16th. 1841
There are three independant principles; the spirit of God. the spirit of Man. & the spirit of the Devil. All men have power to resist the Devil. They who have Taber[n]acles have power over those who have not. The docterine of eternal judgement acts 2— 41 Peter preached repent & be baptised in the name of jesus Christ for the remision of sins &c but in act 3 12 he says repent and be converted that your sins my be forgiven blotted out when the times of refreshing <​redemption​> shall come & he shall send jesus &c remission of sins by baptisom was not to be preached to murderers. all the preasts in crisendom might pray for a murderer on the [p. [1]] scaffold forever but could not avail so much as a gnat towards their forgiveness; there is no forgiveness for murderers they will have to wait untill the times of redemtion shall come and that in hell. Peter had the Keys of eternal Judgement & he saw David in hell & knew for what reason. & that David would have to remain there untill the reserrection, at the coming of Christ. Rommans 9 All election that can be found in the scriptures is according to the flesh and pertaining to the Preasthood [p. [2]]