Discourse, 21 May 1843, as Reported by Franklin D. Richards

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Salvation is for a man to be saved from all his enemies The 1st chap of 2nd Peter is hints of things which are nowhere written There are things which pertain to the Glory of God & heirship of God with Christ which are no where <​not​> written in the Bible [p. [18]] spirits of the eternal world are diverse from each other as here in their dispositions—
Aspiring Ambitions &c As man is liable to enemies there as well as here it is nescessary for him to be placed beyond their power in order to be saved This is done by our taking bodies (keeping our first estate) and having the Power of the Resurrection pass upon us whereby we are enabled to gain the ascendancy over the disembodied spirits
The mortification of satan consists in his not being permitted to take a body He sometimes gets possession of a body but when the proven authorities turn him out of Doors he finds it [p. [19]] was not his but a stolen one
Our covenants here are of no force one with another except made in view of eternity [p. [20]]