Discourse, 21 May 1843, as Reported by Howard Coray

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Every man goes to his own place 2 Peter 1. Ch.— Judas by transgression fell that he might go to his own place. there is one glory of the Sun another of the moon & another of the stars as one Star differetheth &c, so also is the reserection of the dead, brethren I am not a very pious man. I do not wish to be a great deal better than any body else. If a Prophet was so much better than any body else was he would inherit a glory far beyond what any one else would inherit [p. [36]] and behold he would be alone, for who would be his company in heaven. for If I should Condesend to be so righteouse as the brethren would wish me to be. lo I should be taken from your midst and be translated as was Elijah. Righteousness is not that which men esteem holiness. That which the world call righteousness I have not any regard for. To be righteous is to be just and merciful. if a man fails in kindness justice and mercy he will be damed for [p. [37]] many will say in that day Lord. have we not Prophesied in thy name and in thy name done many wonderful works but he will say unto them ye workers of iniquity &c we were Eye witnesses of his Majesty we have also a more sure word of Prophecy. now brethren who can explain this no man be he that has obtained these things in the same way that Peter did. Yet it is so plain & so simple & easy to be understood that when I have shown you the interpretation thereof you will think you have always known it yourselves— These are [p. [38]] but hints at those things that were revealed to Peter, and verily brethren there are things in the bosom of the Father, that have been hid from the foundation of the world. that are not known neither can be except by direct Revelation The Apostle says, unto them who have obtained like precious faith with us <​the apostles​> through the righteousness of God & our Savior Jesus Christ. through knowledge of him that has called us to glory & virtue add to faith virtue &c &c to godliness brotherli Kindness— Charity— ye <​shall​> neither be barren or unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. [p. [39]]
he that lacketh these things is blind— wherefore the rather brethren <​after all this​> give diligence to make your Calling & Election sure
Knowledge is necessary to life and Godliness. wo unto you Priest & divines, who preach that knowledge is not necessary unto life & Salvation. take away Apostles &c take away knowledge and you will find yourselves worthy of the damnation of hell. Knowledge is revelation hear <​all​> ye brethren, this grand Key Knowledge is the power of God unto Salvation.
What is Salvation. Salvation is for a man to be Saved from all his enemies even our last enemy which is death [p. [40]] and for David Saith, “and the Lord Said unto my Lord ‘Sit thou on my right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool”
The design of God before the <​foundation of the​> world, was that we should take tabernacles that through faithfulness we should over come & <​thereby​> obtain a reserection from the dead, in this wise obtain glory honor, power and dominion for this thing is needful inasmuch as the Spirits in the Eternal world, glory in bringing other Spirits in Subjection unto them, Striving continually for the mastery, He who rules in the heavens when he has a [p. [41]]certain work to do calls the Spirits before him to organize them. they present themselves and offer their services——
When Lucifer was hurled from Heaven the decree was that he Should not obtain a tabernacle not those that were him, but go abroad upon the earth exposed to the anger of the elements naked & bare, but ofttimes he lays hold upon men binds up their Spirits enters their habitations laughfs at the decree of God, and rejoices in that he hath a house to dwell in, by & by he is expelled by Authority & goes abroad mourning [p. [42]] naked upon the earth like a man without a house exposed to the tempest & the storm—
There are are Some things in my own bosom that must remain there. If Paul could say I knew a man who ascended to the third heaven & saw things unlawful for man to utter, I more. There are only certain things that can be done by the Spirits and that which is done by us that is not done with a view to eternity is not binding in eternity. Oh Peter if they who were of like precious faith with thee were injoined to make [p. [43]] their Calling & Election sure, how much more all we, There are two Keys, one Key knowledge, the other, make your Calling & election sure, for if you do these things you shall never fall for so an entrance shall be adminestere unto you abundently unto the everlasting Kingdom of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, we made known unto you the power & coming of our Lord & S. J. Christ were Eye witnesses of his majesty he received from God the Father honor & Glory when there came such a voice [p. [44]] to him from the iccellent glory this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. this voice which came from heaven we heard when we were with him in the holy Mount. we have also a more sure word of Prophecy whereunto give heed until the day Star arise in your hearts this is It is one thing to receive knowledge by the voice of God, (this is my beloved Son &c), & another to Know that you yourself will be Saved. to have a positive promise of your own Salvation [p. [45]] is making your calling & election Sure, Viz the voice of Jesus Saying my beloved thou shalt have eternal life. Brethren never cease strugling until you get this evidence, &
Take heed both before and after obtaining the more sure word of Prop[h]ecy [11 lines blank] [p. [46]]