Discourse, 22 January 1843, as Reported by William Clayton

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Sunday 22 This A. M. Joseph preached in the . subject arose from two questions proposed from <​at​> a Lyceum. 1st. Did John Baptize for remission of sins? 2nd. Wether the kingdom of God was set up before the day of Pentecost or not till then?
To the 1st. Q. he <​I​> answered, “he did”
It is acknowledged of all men that John preached the gospel— & must have preached the 1st. principle, if so he must have preached the doctrine of Baptism for the remission of sins for that is the first principal of the Gospel and was ordained before the foundation of the world. I next give my own [p. 48] testimony because I know it from God.
On the 2nd. question. He <​I​> said [“]Where the oracles of God are revealed there is the kingdom of God Wherever the oracles of God are & subjects to obey those oracles there is the Kingdom of God What constitutes the Kingdom of God?— an administrator who has the power of calling down the oracles of God, and subjects to recieve those Oracles no matter if there are but 3— 4 or 6 there is the kingdom of God &c.” [p. 49]